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Let me just start off by saying this- I'm not a designer. I don't naturally have a good eye. And, yes, I'm attracted to clutter. Thank heaven for my husband. He has an eye for design. And if it weren't for him that beautiful photo you see above, would look a lot different. Serious. So how did a messed up, clutterbucket like me get a room like that? Well, after sitting down...I've come up with a few reasons...


REASON 1: We decided on a "theme." 

I use that word in quotes loosely. Anytime someone asked me what the theme of our room was, or what our colors our were, in my head my jaw would drop, no words would come out, and I was left to look the fool. I didn't have a theme or a color. I had a wallpaper I was obsessed over. Yes obsessed guys. So we picked items to fill the room that worked with the wallpaper.


REASON 2: I wasn't an island.

I used Pinterest (duh!), magazines, and my husband and I worked together to create a nursery we both wanted for our son. If you don't have a husband, bring your bestie into the mix and work together. It's more fun that way too! I mean minus the times I would go crazy because our processes are...different, but overall so fun. We planned out Owen's room and we went for it. We also had the most awesome mobile created specially for Owen (thanks @jessiebaca). We worked as a community to make the room we loved.


REASON 3: IKEA! I mean, need I say more? Even if you leave with not one nursery item, you can always grab meatballs and drink for cheap!


REASON 4: Ain't too proud to be cheap. Let me just put right here a couple of corners skimped. That awesome looking wall? It was designed based on this wallpaper you could buy from Europe, but you'd also be renting out your guest bedroom to pay for it, just sayin. The man painted that. Oh and the paint? Crayola waterbased paints. I know, we may pay for that one. But guys when you're living in a rental and want black lines on white walls. Um yea.


There it is folks. I believe you can get the nursery you want with a little creativity, and help from your tribe. And if you're putting your nursery together now, girl, share it with us on the Mama Tribe FB group. I want to see how it turns out! Happy creating!"

-Written by our Mama Tribe Blogger, Darlene. "Hi all! My name is Darlene Abrams. My family is made up of our one little guy, Owen, along with my husband, Nick and myself. We live in San Diego and try to live our lives full of joy, adventure, and lots of laughs."

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