Today there is so much emphasis put on new technology. It seems everyday there is a new phone, tablet, app, video game that you have to have....until next month when an even newer one comes out. I swear the other day I saw a commercial for a Play-Doh app that will scan whatever you make out of Play-Doh and put it on your phone or tablet so your child can play with it there.  I understand that these technologies are supposed to be making our lives easier, and I have definitely had those days when I have to sit him in front of the TV or tablet for "just 5 minutes" so I can get something, anything done.  But I also worry that my child's not getting enough hands on, living in the moment (not in the tablet) real life experiences. 

As a Mom and blogger I often feel like I'm being pulled in many different directions at one time. Laundry, errands, play dates, making romantic time for my husband, cooking, cleaning, family functions, the blog just to name a few.  And with my husbands crazy work schedule it all seems to go by so fast. So one thing we've discovered as a family that helps us slow down unplug and live in the moment, is simply to get outside and explore. We started last year making it a priority to go somewhere at least once a week, the beach, a park, the mountains (doesn't have to be a big trip) and just take it all in as a family. Go for a walk, pack a picnic or simply just sit and be. Unplug, reconnect, relax and recharge. 

-Written by Mama Tribe Blogger, Laura "Laura is a wife, mother and part time blogger. She lives in Southern California with her husband, son and baby #2 is on the way. She's worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, the last 7 or so as a fashion stylist. Her days are now spent devoted to her growing family and blog "A Styled Life". 

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