embrassing the path towards motherhood

I feel like I have no weight to share on what I'm about to share. I just wanted to start with that vulnerable truth I feel in my heart.


Nick and I had a hard time getting pregnant with our first and only child. But that being said we only had to wait a year for that stick to show those double pink lines. I know there are many more women out there who have yet to see those pink lines for themselves or others who have waited years beyond me. For that, I tread lightly in my experience in complete respect for those whose waiting was much more severe.


In that year we tried like robots to get pregnant. At first it was fun, because umm, hello..."It." Is. Fun. But at a certain point that fun turned into work in hopes for a baby. Month after month we were disappointed. I remember having the looming fear of not being able to bear a child that resembled Nick and myself. And then there was the pure joy watching my friends start their family but returning home without my own baby bump. The thoughts of being unable to conceive left a void in my heart and a feeling of helplessness.  Luckily I have an amazing husband that led us to do something about it. It was a simple act but one that took lots of discipline and awareness. We chose specific words that helped us anchor to real truth, and we held tightly to them regardless of what our circumstances looked like.


The big thing I believe I started to learn in that time was everything that's happened to me, good and bad, has made me who I am today. Yes, even the struggle of not knowing if I could bear a biological child. All the things of the past and present are a part of what makes me who I am today.  So for you, dear friend reading these words, I hope you are able to embrace your life, wherever you are today. I hope you are able to take this current circumstance, whether good or bad, and see that there is something to gain from it. That it will make you a more perfect version of you. Make you a better wife, friend, sister, or mama. I hope no matter how difficult a path you face, you are able to embrace it for the sake of what the future you can offer you and your tribe.


-written by Mama Tribe Blogger, Darlene "Hi all! My name is Darlene Abrams. My family is made up of our one little guy, Owen, along with my husband, Nick and myself. We live in San Diego and try to live our lives full of joy, adventure, and lots of laughs."
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