You are amazing!

Thisis for the mamah who is feeling discouraged, for the mamah raising her Lil One or Littles on her own. I want to remind you how Special YOU ARE!…How BRAVE you are!, How much you are ADMIRED!…


Do you ever feel discouraged? or like you are not doing enough? I have!  


I recently started raising my Lil One on my own. A month after my Lil One turned one, I found out my husband was having an affair. Almost two years later I found myself signing papers (LOTS) of papers and becoming a divorced woman, and raising a toddler, a Lil Boy on my own.


Never in my life did I think this would be part of my story/journey. The minute I found out my husband was having an affair and realized little by little he was choosing a different road and story for his life, I was disappointment, afraid, discouraged, lost, confused. I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to raise my Lil One on my own. (1) I was a new mom (2) I stopped working when I had my lil one so I had no job (3) I was emotionally lost (4) after my husband left us I was left with a lot of debt. I felt nothing was going my way…



I was always afraid to be categorized as the “single mom”…I honestly don’t like those two words. I feel like this world places single moms in a certain ‘group’…Do you want to join the “single moms club” or “single moms prayer group” …(but thats another story). I didn’t like going out to birthday celebrations or dinner with friends since I felt I was always the 3 or the fifth or seventh wheel…I was afraid to go out to the store by myself and my lil one. Sit at a restaurant or coffee shop just him and I was out of the question. I was afraid to be judged, I was afraid to do something wrong out in public, I was afraid to be labeled as the “single mom” or have someone feel bad for me or my Lil One….I found myself crying in bathroom stalls a lot of times and in my car. Yes, things aren’t the way I hoped for them to be, Yes, I want to have a family/husband one day and YES! its not easy!!!….But when I realized how good of a Mamah I was, Nothing else mattered to me, because I felt good! I felt like wonder woman!


Why am I sharing this?…Because recently I realized how good of a mamah I was! How brave I was! How strong I was! and how blessed I was!…This process hasn’t been easy, court visits are emotionally draining, being on a constant budget is hard…having to sale my house hurts me, seeing friends or random people at disneyland or other places with their families and husbands makes me sad at times, because I don’t have that and I want that….But why live with what I don’t have now and compare myself to other families?…I am ME, my Lil One is HIM, and our story and journey is OURS!…Its okay to be different its okay to have your own story…Embrace your journey!


SO mamah, if you are raising your little/ littles on your own or you have your husbands support. Always remember you are an Amazing mamah! No matter the circumstances or current problems you are facing… You are Amazing!


Embrace Your Journey! and Build your own memories!….Embrace Your little/s and Motherhood!…things might now always go as planned, but remember YOU ARE AMAZING MAMAH! You don’t have to have the perfect home, or perfect meals. You don’t have to have the perfect pictures or style. You don’t have to have the perfect discipline skills or daily schedule…Be YOU Mamah! and be Amazing!



Be Blessed!

&Remember Live each day with purpose and expectancy <3

-Stephanie, Hunt|West Mama Tribe Blogger

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