my biggest parenting struggle

The thing or incident I should say that I struggle with the most, and still to this day happened at my sons 9 month check up. Everything was going fine.  We saw the doctor she said the nurse would be in with some literature about baby's 9 month milestones, and then she would be back in before we left.

The nurse came in. She gave him his shots and then said ok "we'll see you at his 18 month check up".  I said "18 don't you mean 1 year, he's only 9 months". And the look on her face was utter shock and horror, I immediately knew something was wrong. I was like "what's going on?".  She literally ran out the door. The doctor was right there in the hall way and I yelled "I need to know what's going on right now!".

We'll come to find out the nurse mixed up my sons chart with another child's chart and administered him the 1 year vaccinations. He wasn't supposed to receive any vaccinations at the 9 month check up. The doctor went over everything with me they sent in someone from HR to talk to me and assured me that because he was healthy there shouldn't be any complications. As soon as they all left I completely lost it. I blamed myself as much as I blamed the nurse for mixing up the charts. How could I let this happen? Why didn't I know exactly what was supposed to happen at every check up? I felt like a complete and utter failure. I let my son down. I cried the whole way home and then some. 

I called my Stepmom as soon as I got home, she works as a nurse in the NICU, just to make sure everything they told me was correct. It was. And in the long wrong he's been fine. 

Kaiser had me file a formal complaint, they assigned us a case worker and we switched doctors. I wasn't surprised especially with how people now a days feel about vaccinations. 

So thankful that nothing more became of this, but I still struggle with the fact that I had no idea what was going on. I feel tremendous guilt to this day. Had I done my research I would have known the minute she walked in with the tray of vaccinations that something was wrong. Lesson learned.  Now I do my research before every checkup so I know exactly what's going on. (The CDC's website has a lot of great info) We have an amazing doctor who really did a lot of research too for us (because now his whole vaccination schedule was off). She's been the silver lining in all of this. 

-Laura, Mama Tribe Blogger "Laura is a wife, mother and part time blogger. She lives in Southern California with her husband, son and baby #2 is on the way. She's worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, the last 7 or so as a fashion stylist. Her days are now spent devoted to her growing family and blog "A Styled Life". 


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