Really real motherhood

Yes our littles are super adorable and cute..but lets be honest they have another side to that cuteness….lol

If you are a new mamah like me experiencing all these stages with our Littles…What an amazing adventure right!? full of laughs, but also full of tears at times…I think that the beauty of motherhood is that at the end of the day we can truly laugh about the little things that happened, even if we cried in the beginning of the day…. 

My current stage….that has me all over the place is…

No one told me that my child would not only be my child but also my parent!!!!….No one told me that a three year old would tell me, when to wake up, when to eat, when to pee or even shower, when to sleep, when to talk, how to talk…and the list goes on…I understand when we become mamahs all of the above changes…I just didn’t know the details of it all!


Let me share a little something…Maybe someone can relate to this:

An early morning slap on the shoulder or face…and a ‘’WAyk UPPPP! MAMIII!!!!”



“MAMIIII! LEys GO”….”Mami! Mami! Mami!” …“Mami no more mimis”


“Mami no coyfeeee”

“Mami no pee! open door now”

“Mami no say that” “Mami asi no” Mami Shhh” “Mami Too louyyyd” 

OH WAIT!!!!…theres more!!!…….

“Mami no change” “againnnn?”

“Mami mickey mouse my tv”

“Mami no singggg!”

“Mami no mucho, poquito” 

OH! the worst one…..

“Mami dont eat in the car, eat in casita”

Sound Familiar?!?!…

And these are just some of the things my lil one says….but What about the little finger that swings back and forth saying “no no no mami”… or when your trying to sneak something in your mouth QUICK! and you get a commander asking “Mami let me see” “Mami open mouth” (my lil one will get close to my mouth and smell my mouth!)

I thought that by 31 I could eat what I want, when I want and where I want…RIGHT????? ANYONE ELSE?!?!

Ill be honest….yes I laugh most of the time, but I’ve had moments where I sit in the bathroom and lock the door and cry for a little bit…

Recently I had to run to the bathroom and the second I sat down to pee I get a “oh-oh Mami caca”  … I can’t even pee and be relaxed!…

Or let me share my most recent experience… I was showering and lil one decided to open the door…(Is their any mamahs that shower with hot water? … I do…) So lil one decide to open the bathroom door and not close it… and guess what!?! the alarm went off, because of the steam…lol.…so I ran out wet to turn off the alarm and answer phone calls from the alarm system and my mom asking “if everything was okay”…my hot shower turned into a very cold one! 

(No joke as I’m writing this and I’m sitting at starbucks people probably think I’m crazy cuz I’m laughing just remembering these moments….)

I don’t know about you but I’ve had lots of laughs, but also lots of tears in the car, in the bathroom, even at the parking lot of target … Lets be honest, “motherhood”  isn’tbeautiful all the time. We Mamahs deal with REALLY REAL Life issues. But its always nice to have a community of mamahs to support one another and laugh or cry about this thing called “motherhood”

….Lets always take a moment and cherish each stage with our Lil Ones. Whether we cherish with laughs or tears its all beautiful!

Be Blessed!

&Remember Live each day with purpose and expectancy <3

Mamas! Lets laugh for a bit and Share a story of your Lil One below….

-Stephanie, Hunt|West Mama Tribe Blogger

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